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Aging and Prosthodontics

Posted on 7/15/2016 by Dr. Frank Sallustio
An elderly woman receiving a dental examination.Aging affects all aspects of our life, especially when it comes to health. Even your gums are affected by aging. Many adults have partial or full dentures and quite a few have a false tooth here and there.

These prosthetics can make eating and talking a hassle, sometimes even painful and unenjoyable. Here are some of the leading, age related causes of gum line recession and change.

Periodontal Disease

Bacterial infections of the gums, like gum disease and periodontal disease, can destroy not only gum tissue but bone matter in your mouth. It can cause teeth to come loose and be lost and can be seriously detrimental to your overall health. There are treatment options available but keeping a rigorous oral hygiene routine to prevent it from starting in the first place is your best option.


This is the hardest thing on the list to combat, you're born with it. No matter how much work you put into defending your teeth against the effects of aging, if you have genetic predispositions to oral health issues like periodontal disease or bacterial infections there's a chance you could still get them no matter how hard you try to protect your teeth.


Females in particular go through a lot of dramatic hormonal changes throughout their life and it can place them at a disadvantage in oral health. Menopause especially can put an extra strain on your teeth and gums so stay on top of your oral health routine and don't miss your regular cleanings and examinations.

Tobacco Use

Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause gum recession, gum disease, and eventually tooth loss. It can dramatically dry your mouth, which is often responsible for gum recession. It's also the leading cause of oral cancers and tooth staining.

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