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iCAT 3D X-Rays
Sun City West, AZ

Optimal dental implant placement is done under the direction of dentists who combine their knowledge and skill with the latest in technology. At Frank W. Sallustio DDS, MS, FACP, we have done just that. Dr. Frank W. Sallustio combines expertise with superior imaging and software that allows for precision.

The implant process is wise to research, before planning for it. Taking the correct preparatory steps in planning your implant procedure means far greater long term success and an implant that improves your oral health. Our team at Frank W. Sallustio DDS, MS, FACP has incorporated the iCAT 3D X-ray imaging system into our evaluation and planning for the implant placement and abutment procedure.

This system, which includes imaging and specific software for implant treatment planning, provides our patients with a map that allows for precise placement, vastly increasing the overall success for permanent implantation. The images that we receive allow for both small localized views or up to a full double arch view. This information helps us in making tiny corrections, while also allowing us to show our patients detailed communication. Involving our patients in the information helps them understand the complexity of the work being done, we like our patients being informed and part of their surgical process.

Implant Placement

Your dental implant will serve as a replacement root for a missing tooth. This is a great way to fix missing teeth. To do this, we surgically insert a titanium rod directly into the jawbone. The more information we have before placement means the more successful the implant is. By creating a detailed map of information, Dr. Frank W. Sallustio removes the guesswork giving you a higher quality procedure.

The iCAT 3D images display the amount of bone mass available, the location of nerves, and the optimal place for implant placement.

After placement, the bone will then heal around the implant, fusing the two together. Once the implant is solidly in place, we can then place the abutment for the dental crown, giving you a fully restored tooth.

iCAT 3D Imaging

Besides implant placement, the iCAT 3D imaging system assists our team in many other ways. Using the information obtained, we can perform:
•  TMJ Analysis:Known as your jawbone or Temporomandibular joint, when this joint is out of alignment, it can cause of troublesome or even painful effects. By observing the joint, we can create a treatment plan to decrease discomfort and release tension.
•  Airway Analysis:From obstructions to structure changes, being able to breathe comfortably is important. The iCAT system allows us to view the airway for treatment planning.
•  Superimposition:From displaying before and after, to showing a patient the proposed surgical steps, displaying images over images is a useful tool.
•  Super Panoramic:Creating 2D and 3D images with a low dose exposure.
•  i-Collimator:The i-collimator provides our patients with a unique dose of controlled low radiation particles, providing safe images with limited exposure.

Dr. Frank W. Sallustio, along with all of our staff at Frank W. Sallustio DDS, MS, FACP, want your treatment to have the greatest likelihood of success.

Using advanced technology, along with extensive experience, vastly improves your success. For more information on dental implants and the technology we have, contact our front office. (623) 975-0796
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iCAT 3D X-Rays | Prosthodontist Sun City West, AZ | Frank W. Sallustio, DDS
At Frank W. Sallustio, DDS, we can use iCAT 3D X-rays during the dental implant process for improved precision and accuracy. Click here for more information.
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